How to check if your Outlook client supports add-ins

Outlook add-ins are mini applications that extend what you can do with your Outlook client. It's easy to check whether your version of Outlook is supported – if you can see the visual cues below, then you're ready to go!

Outlook 2016

Look for the Store button on the Outlook Home Ribbon. If you can see this button, you are ready to acquire add-ins.
Check Outlook 2016 Add-in Support

Outlook 2013

Click File on Outlook. Look for the "Manage add-ins" button below (also present in Outlook 2016). If you see this button, you're able to get add-ins.
Check Outlook 2013 Add-in Support

Outlook on the web (Outlook web app) or

Log into Outlook on the Web or Click on the gear near the top right. Look for the "Manage add-ins" link. If you can see this, add-ins are supported on your account.
Check Outlook on the Web or Add-in Support

Outlook on Mac 2016

To check what type of account you have, navigate to Outlook on the top navigation bar. Select "Preferences…" from the drop-down. Under Personal Settings, select "Accounts". If you see "Exchange<Office 365 Account", your account supports add-ins.
Check Outlook on Mac 2016
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